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We are a dedicated technology company focused on school management and we offer our system to several countries since 2011.

With over 25.000 students in the system, SchoolMind team offers not only software solutions but also excellent customer support.

We see education as a structure formed by the administrators, students, teachers and the family and to provide appropriate digital solutions to these groups.

SchoolMind provide a 360 degree service as a school management software to an educational institution

  • Simplify everyday task of students, teachers while keeping parents informed.
  • Encourage a clear and healthy relationship model, to prevent human mistake based on interventions
  • Promotion of quality through a unique school management platform
  • Accepting education as an ongoing process outside the school and not limiting an educational institution as a physical area. Facilitate business by creating a digital business management model for managers
  • Encourage teacher and student and family to benefit from digital solutions to provide efficient training hence more time is spent on actual learning.
  • Support students  to adapt technology for time & process management and facilitation by improving their future business life.