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We make a commitment for teachers to assist their daily task and give beneficial feedback and gain spare time.

A quality school management system should be aimed at providing a 360 degree solution for 365 days of an educational cycle. It is  difficult and time-consuming to carry out tasks such as attendance, grading as paperwork for teachers who have quantity numbers of students. Along with the changing world, needs change and processes digitalize. SchoolMind identified the needs of school management and carried it to the digital world with best solutions.

SchoolMind facilitates teachers’ professional lives on the one hand, also making student and teacher relationship unique for efficient communication. Teachers can easily determine which subjects are missing for each student due to the system’s analysis feature. Thus, Teachers can make individual returns to the family and the student. The teacher can also see the administrative process of the school in a simple interface.

SchoolMind school management software removes the time lost by the traditional system based on a large number of paper usage, allowing the teacher to allocate proper time to his / her students and present  quick and regular flow of information. Schoolmind eliminates the need for manual moderation and makes time for the actual learning experience.