API Docs


SchoolMind offers customized interfaces tailored to the needs of different groups of users, involved in education. For this reason, SchoolMind has versions that are appropriate for students, parents and teachers.


1- Student Application / Android/ iOS

Get real-time access to marks, attendance information, assigned homework, and scheduled exams and extra lessons. Avoid forgetting of tasks. reminder notifications will keep you updated. Obtain an open communication with the school community in an easy way. All in one digital environment: Schoolmind.


1.1 Daily Timetable

You can see the daily lesson plan and time schedule on the Dashboard. Lessons are designed with a colorful interface, easily distinguished from each other


1.2 Marks

In the whole system, each course is symbolised with a unique color so that the students can easily navigate through it. Students can see the distribution of notes in the grading system and the total success in a simple and chart friendly interface.


1.3 Absence

Students can see on which days and at which hours they are not attending classes in the detailed list for each class. Dynamic templates allow user  to see a detailed report in a basic way.


1.4 Homework

A chart friendly system that explains the method, date, and content of assignments. It is easy to be tired of massive quantity of task for young minds.Schoolmind aims to provide easy homework management for students and focus on learning rather than keep track of what is going on.


1.5 Messages

Students are encouraged to contact and to be in a bilateral relationship with teachers through messaging.  Also by the way of messages, student can reach announcement, homework reminders etc.  It is more than natural for young learners to use such messaging tools in Schoolmind, as they live by social media. It also enables an easy access to teachers and management through this messaging system, reducing the need for time consuming meetings and providing quicker solutions to issues.


2- Parents Application

SchoolMind offers parents to see homework, absence, marks, timetables  of students’  by a simple user interface. Instant and constant communication have a vital importance to apprehend students’ educational and social and psychological development.

Schoolmind focuses on these features based on needs;

  • Encouraging  effective dialogue between the teacher and the parents.


  • By providing an online communication model, it overcomes physical barriers, allowing both time saving  and more frequent and proper information flow.


  • Helpdesk support, accessible for  electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets
  • Student Behaviour Reports.  


  • Social channels that you can ask about marks, attendance exams and homework via Facebook Messenger, Skype Viber Telegram for both students and parents.

3- Teachers App


Teacher’s app make their task management and teaching easier. SchoolMind offers a broad range of teachers with sections. Assignments and exams can be easily followed and moderated.

Schoolmind focuses on these features based on needs;


  • Calendar: Daily plan that clearly shows time, classes, holidays, and events in on one screen.
  • Manage absence on the basis of classes, just with one click. There are sections where you can enter detailed information about each course. (being late, excuses, absence hours etc on student based)


  • Enter and elaborate homework and exam information which also will be seen by students and parents synchronously.


  • A system is designed on the basis that students are graded according to modern teaching methods. System has ability to calculate student success rate.


4- SchoolMind Admin

SchoolMind also offers wide range of digital solutions from financial affairs to employee management. SchoolMind Admin  will easily overcome reporting problems in particular. It covenants self sustainable administration and strong reporting tools for users. Schoolmind enables the overwhelming school management tasks a breeze, so that managers can focus on more human issues rather than mechanical jobs.